W movie dogs on set with stars and Oliver Stone

We’ve obtained new unreleased photos of the Scotties involved in the making of Oliver Stone’s new biopic, W. Above is Whiskie, an 11-year-old Dallas girl, who played Barney to Josh Brolin’s president. Whiskie is wearing a special cooling vest due to the extreme heat and humidity in Louisiana where the movie was filmed this summer.

The Scottish Terrier with the most film experience of the three dogs who portray Barney, Whiskie performed a difficult walking scene with the entire Bush cabinet and Buster, the springer spaniel cast as Spot. She was hired at the last minute by trainer Bobbi Colorado when she realized she needed that rarest of dogs, a well-behaved and obedient terrier, and brought in some extra Scotties.

Above Whiskie poses with Toby Jones, who portrays Karl Rove. In real life, Rove called Barney “a lump.”

Whiskey’s little “sister” Cutty, aged two, was also hired for W, but alas she did not make the final cut. Still, she’ll always have this photo of herself with Brolin, Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush and Oliver Stone.

We’ll have more on Whiskie and Cutty over the next few days. But for now, let us just tell you that not only do they hail from Dallas, but they are, we kid you not, members of the Ewing family.