The Best Scottish Terrier Christmas Cards

It may be too early for Christmas, but it’s not too early for Christmas cards. In fact, if anything, it may be getting a bit late. Here, then, are our favourite Christmas and holiday cards featuring Scottish Terriers. We begin with that wild orange Scottie Dog above who hails from from Fig Street Art Studio in New Orleans and, like all the featured cards, can be purchased online.

If your tastes are more traditional, you might prefer this Winter Woods scene from Maggie Ross Dog Art, which we discovered at the always-fabulous Dog Art Today:

Can’t stop at only one Scottie? Then check out Scotties on Parade by Lorena Pugh:

If you like humourous cards and don’t have to worry about offending anyone’s sensibilities, there’s Nothin’ Butt Dogs:

And for the more religiously inclined, Lynch Art Prints has a number of charming folk art-influenced cards, including this Scottish Terrier with an angel:

Of course, you could always take your Scotties and make your own Christmas Card, but don’t say, we didn’t warn you.

Update: Here’s another one. You can see more of this artist’s Scottie collection here.

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