Does the Rodinglea Scruffy dog exist?

We’re starting to wonder about the accuracy of the Times article we quoted yesterday suggesting the Obamas get a Rodinglea Scruffy dog. We can find scarcely any references to the Rodinglea Scruffy. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Update: The mystery is solved in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Does the Rodinglea Scruffy dog exist?

  1. Just emailed you on this, no, it’s not a wind up!

    Rodinglea Scruffies were invented by Vicki Cuerden probably some time in the 1990s or maybe slightly earlier. One of her dogs featured on our front cover March 2003. She bred several generations blending for brains and health and with the aim to create a very intelligent, agile shaggy dog that wasn’t too difficult to groom. The dogs were very, very bright and therefore mostly unsuitable for normal homes! One of her dogs is a search and rescue dog and you may be able to find that dog on Google if you have a delve. They really needed to work to be happy.

    The Scruffies also won one of our competitions – a competition to find the dog most able to say Winalot – sponsored by the pet food company. Three of her dogs managed it! I believe there’s a similar competition in America for dogs to say “Pasta”.

    The Scruffies are also able to say simple words and sentences. Their diction isn’t great as dog mouth structure makes certain sounds impossible. Plus the listener has to be sympathetic as their attempts are much worse than a Japanese tourist trying to speak English!

    I have seen behaviourists jump when one of her dogs spontaneously said hello to them as they passed by! It is quite odd. But they are not just talking on cue parrot fashion – they ask for things they want – “I want water” “I want liver” etc.

    They are exceptionally beautiful and intelligent, but they have proved difficult for normal people to keep as they are highly demanding as you might imagine!

    Vicki has now stopped breeding due to ill health, but there are still some of this blend out there and I must say it was an honour to meet the.

    We have studio photography of these lovely dogs and I think the back issue is probably still in stock.

    Beverley Cuddy
    Dogs Today

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