Does your dog need boots to protect its feet?

The Daily Dachshund has a special report on DIY dog boots made from balloons. We haven’t tried them yet, but we may very well experiment this weekend.

If your Scottish Terrier wears boots, please let us know if there’s a type or feature Scottie owners should look out for.

Bridget is bothered by road salt but the one time I tried to get a boot on her, she went practically bizerk.

More advice on cold weather and Scottish Terriers is here.

2 thoughts on “Does your dog need boots to protect its feet?

  1. We just found a “balloon” type boot called “Pawz” at Leash on Life. They come in different colors according to size. The rubber is heavier than balloon latex and the “cuff” is larger – eliminating the ‘pawsability’ of cutting off circulation. Our Cairn has shown his approval by NOT ripping them off it two second. Mind you – he still hates them but they stay on his feet.

  2. Question – have you had any luck getting the dog boots to stay on your pet’s feet? I like Muttluks because they’re so durable – but sometimes it’s a battle to get them on and keep them on.

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