Fellow Scottish Terrier owner ignores me — again!

It’s happened again. I was walking Bridget in my neighbourhood and saw a small black dog approaching. As it came closer I realized it was a Scottie. And as it came even closer I realized the owner was ignoring us, even pulling his dog around a corner to avoid making eye contact. At this point, I also realized it must be the Scottie owner who had cut me dead once before.

Last time, he was en route to the beer store in a big hurry so I just assumed he was drunk and in a bad mood. This time it was early in the day and he looked stone cold sober so I’m starting to assume he’s a complete misanthrope.

This is particularly bizarre given that people in Toronto strike up conversations with you on the street all the time. In any case, I’m chalking it up to the mysteries of life.

6 thoughts on “Fellow Scottish Terrier owner ignores me — again!

  1. People, they’re the worst aren’t they? I’m telling you, we could all take a cue from our “Canine-Americans” in the social department. I’m guessing he’s a Pod person. I feel sorry for the poor Scottie that has to live with him.

  2. I have never seen a Scottie person on the street that was not eager and delighted to strike up a conversation. How many of us have been walking our dogs only to have someone clog up traffic by stopping their cars in the middle of the street to tell us of their Scotts at home or Scotts past?

    Maybe his dog is a bit aggressive and he does not realize dog lovers can forgive a bark or two or three. Who knows.

  3. I agree it could be that his dog is agressive. One of my Scotties is unfortunately, and it can cause problems with other dogs.

  4. Hello,
    What a great blog. We have two Scotties, Mandy and Rufus. Maybe the fellow is just not a sociable type. He can’t be all that bad if he owns a Scottie. As has been said, usually, Scotties are a curiosity that draw attention and invoke conversation.

  5. I would never have the option of passing someone by without acknowledging them. Macintosh drags me over to investigate every person and dog we pass. People say scotties are inquisitive but mine is just plain nosey!

  6. Any time you are in Louisville, KY and I see you walking Bridget I can promise you I will stop and talk even if I’m driving or riding my bike. I always stop for a Scottie!!

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