Let’s have some non-American dog news!

What with the whole Obama puppy thing and then Barney going and biting that Reuters reporter, we’d just about become the American Scottish Terrier and Dog News.

But, today, to show you that we really are a global operation, we are featuring dog video from China and Canada. We begin in Nanjing with a multi-hued poodle:

Don’t say it — we know what you’re thinking. “That poor dog. Wonder how much melamine they put in the dye.” The answer, however, is maybe none. This Canadian pooch was dyed with pure vegetable dyes:

For all you Canadaphiles, here’s the still shot of Jecht the poodle with the mounties:

And since this is the Scottie News, here’s our Scottish Terrier and Mountie shot:

And here’s the more traditional Royal Canadian Mounted Police dog:

Mountie with Dog, originally uploaded by Striderv.