Like Putin, Obama disses ‘girly’ small dogs

Hmmm, where have we heard this kind of thing before? The presidents doth protest too much, me thinks.

Take a look at these macho guys who know how to appreciate girly dogs.

The Daily Dachshund has also proven time and time again that real men love small “girly” dogs. It’s featured macho men like Picasso and Ian McShane with their wiener dogs and little else.

3 thoughts on “Like Putin, Obama disses ‘girly’ small dogs

  1. Hmm, I have to agree with you. He needs to be kinder in his comments about “small” dogs. Besides which, I really can’t see a huge dog romping on the White House lawn with those little girls.
    Scottie size dogs make life SO much easier.
    Especially for travel…Duncan and Brie are going with us Dec. 20 to St. Simon’s Island in Georgia to spend the week of Christmas. Much easier than toting two labs, I say.

  2. C’mon Mr. President-Elect let’s not be divisive.. There are no girly dogs and macho dogs – dogs are what you make them!! And if he means Scotties by that, he is really barking up the wrong tree!! I would have voted for him anyway, but I am that little bit disappointed…
    Agree, he should also think about convenience! And at least, I guess, he is not talking about getting them a cat!

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