Scottie Maggie didn’t make the cut for W. movie

Maggie the Scottish Terrier auditioned for the role of Barney in Oliver Stone’s W. movie last March. Her owner, who recently discovered the Scottie News, sent us a copy of the email she sent to friends and family at the time:

Well, Maggie took her first meeting to see if she was up to starring in the upcoming Oliver Stone movie about the Bush family.

She was well rested (in a deep, deep sleep before they got there) and looked good.

She woke up, strolled over to say hi and smiled at the casting lady, Bobbi.

She asked if Maggie had basic obedience training, so we decided to show her “the works”…

I said

SIT…….she looked at me

Sit!……she looked up at me

c’mon, sit……she looked around

(I pushed her butt down and forced a little sit)

I let her know that she can do a sit and down stay, we had to.. to pass our TDI test

so we try another

STAY!……she walks toward me

staaaaay….she slowly walks toward me

stay!……she ambles toward me

ok, new trick (I know this works)

LEAVE IT! ….she looks at me, I smile a second…she eats the treat

Bobbi asks, does she run? chase the ball? maybe come running from a distance?

(and I understand because a just woke up, groggy Maggie moves a little slow, think Eeyore)

so I say

SIT…no SIT…no waaaaaaait…..sit!

she sits and waits for me to turn my back and walk a few steps

then slowly rises and moseys over my way

She took some pictures (at least Maggie’s had a little training in that.) She asked a few questions, we exchanged cards and once she finds out more about the role (is it a starring role or just a background extra), we’ll be in contact.

Needless to say, we are counting on three things to make Maggie a super-star

1. she’s cute

2. she’s a cancer/heartworm surviror (the sympathy vote)

3. she’s not “overly excitable”

So if they’re looking for a scottie to chill out while the president does his fireside chat, we may be stars. Otherwise, we’ll be watching the big screen.

Sadly, writes Maggie’s owner, her dog’s cancer returned exactly a week after she sent this email. “And then I had to let her go almost 2 months to the day…so it was probably best that we didn’t get in the movie. This is her dogster page, where you can see a few pictures of her in better days.”

Please scroll down to read the beautiful eulogy to Maggie who was obviously very well loved even if she never became a movie star.

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  1. God bless sweet Maggie. She’s all better now and just waiting until you are together again. Who wants a stuff, over-trained Scottie anyway. Most of their charm is their wonderful individual personalities. Here’s to you Maggie.

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