Our money’s on the Bichon Frisé for first dog

Bichons with FDR’s scottie, originally uploaded by corimarti.

Now that Barney Bush has been revealed to be a serial biter, we’ve lost hope of getting another terrier in the White House. Even memories of the great Fala are unlikely to help.

We’re placing our money on a Bichon Frise, like those shown above currying political favour, for first dog. The Daily Dachshund has our rationale and is keeping the presidential puppy betting books.

3 thoughts on “Our money’s on the Bichon Frisé for first dog

  1. If not a Scottie, go with a Cairn at least. As for the NY Post article, WTH? Since when are Scotties attack dogs? not to mention the fact that the idiot reporter deserved to get bit imo.

  2. Rick, Rick, Rick, it wouldn’t be the New York Post if it didn’t have headlines like, “W. Attack Dog A Serial Biter.” Comes with the tabloid territory.

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