Scottish and Cesky Terriers fresh from groomer

Loki & Sadie, Best Pals, originally uploaded by gemellajewelry.

This photo provides a good look at the different dog hair styles for these two terrier breeds.

4 thoughts on “Scottish and Cesky Terriers fresh from groomer

  1. I’ve always wondered how and why grooming styles were developed for different breeds, like why do Scotties have such long eyebrows and other terriers don’t?

  2. I can't say for absolutely sure, but the Scottie, Cesky & Sealyham terriers were bred to go to ground after vermin, which means they will travel into badger holes, hedges, and other territories where their eyes are at risk. The fall on the Cesky and Sealyham protects their eyes. The Scottie's eyebrows always seemed to me to be a truncated version of the fall, possibly for the same reason — that is, eye protection. Seems plausible, anyway. I think other terriers, such as ratters, don't go to ground. That's my best guess, anyway, from this dog afficionado.

  3. Interesting topic indeed. I did some preliminary research and apparently not that much is known about the histor of dog grooming styles. I’ll keep looking, however.

    If anyone has any good research/reading recommendations, please send them our way.

  4. Hmmmm. That’s an interesting question

    Maybe it’s in place of ears. Dachshunds are tunnelers, and yet they have smooth coats. But maybe the ears protect their eyes?

    Westies can go to ground, but they are groomed completely differently…

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