Scottish Terriers have big teeth

babyteeth, originally uploaded by braindeadlauren.

The better to bite you with, my dear…reporter.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers have big teeth

  1. I was actually glad to see the episode, not because I wanted to see anyone bitten, but because of our first Scottie Watson. We bought him from a pet store, not knowing about puppy mill dogs. We put up with an occasional snap or bite for 14 years, because we loved his Scottiness. Barney had the best of upbringing and still exhibits what we thought was puppy mill behavior.

  2. I was shocked when we brought Angus home and I saw how large his teeth are! My groomer says that terriers generally have big teeth given their small stature, but Scotties, in particular, have teeth about the same size as GSD! It’s true!

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