Teaching dogs to talk is latest big trend

The Times of London reports on the Obama dog situation. One of the dogs it recommends for the first family to be is the Rodinglea Scruffy, a cross of springer spaniels, border collies and bearded collies.

Beverley Cuddy, editor of the magazine Dogs Today, says it can be taught a vocabulary of 15 words. And by that she means speaking not just understanding. “In the US at the moment there is a big movement to get dogs talking,” Cuddy explains.

Hmmm, well, that would explain this video. See if you can figure out what this Scottish Terrier dog is supposedly saying. And no, it’s not, “Clean up your room.”

These are the YouTube Talking Dog video hits starting with a medley:

Plus a pug who says, “I love you.”

The Daily Dachshund and Dog News has discovered a wiener dog that says, “I don’t know.”

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