Two Scottish Terriers ready to go out on the town

A pair of Scottish Terriers

🙂, originally uploaded by marcelay.

Apparently, they just had a bath.


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6 thoughts on “Two Scottish Terriers ready to go out on the town

  1. Maybe, just maybe, it the wonderful world of 35mm! Remember the clarity, the color, the movement frozen in time with the blink of a shutter? I like my digitals…I LOVE my Canon 35mm with 75/300Zoom and daylight filters. Not THAT’s a machine that takes a great photo.

    Love these two pupper! My guys never look that happy after a bath and a grooming. Smile for the camera, pups.

  2. Great photo! It truly makes me want to run out and get a black Scottie to go with my wheaton, Duncan. But….not sure our Cockapoo, Brie, would like that idea since she’s a bit possessive of Duncan. These are gorgeous dogs though.

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