Video of Bush’s dog Barney biting reporter

News flash: President Bush’s Scottie Barney has bitten a reporter and we have the video:

Talk about sensationalizing the news:

Unfortunately we have to agree that this is going to kill any chance of seeing a Wheaten Scottish Terrier in the Obama White House, especially when you consider that Barney’s companion, Miss Beazley, also recently bit a White House visitor.

Past presidents with ties to Scotties include FDR, who doted on the very famous Fala, and JFK through his wife Jackie, who had a Scottie called Hootchie. (Click on the their names to see fabulous photos.)

As we’ve reported in the past, Barney’s critics include Karl Rove and Vladimir Putin. It aen’t easy being first dog although having those guys as enemies isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

As for the injured reporter, Scottie News would like to extend its sympathies to Jon Decker. The editor and publisher of the Scottie News used to be a Reuters reporter and editor herself, and got snapped at more than once in the line of duty if not by dogs by irritable politicians and CEOs. She was glad, however, to learn that Jon’s mother is a Scottie owner and that there are no hard feelings.

We would also like to take this opportunity to raise another issue. Since when do doctors prescribe antibiotics for minor dog bites? Tetanus, and rabies shots in the right circumstances, we’ve heard of, but isn’t this just another egregious example of antibiotics overuse?

For now, we leave you with this still shot from the video.

Barney biting teeth

13 thoughts on “Video of Bush’s dog Barney biting reporter

  1. President Reagan and wife Nancy had two Scotties, Scotch and Soda, but they lived on the ranch in Ca., not the White House. I say go Barney! As nasty as the Press has been to the Republicans lately, I’d like to bite them too! Just kidding!

    Patricia in Az (Mom of 2 Scotties)

  2. That reporter is such a wimp! And nobody should approach a dog and put his hand near his face. Good boy, Barney! Scotties aren’t stuffed animals. Barney is 8 y.o. now, and has a right to be a bit cranky. Apparently the reporter has no knowledge of the breed in spite of his Mother having one. He should grow up.

  3. Apparently the reporter asked if he could pet Barney.

    And I think he took it all in good spirit.

    Barney seemed a bit edgy at the beginning of the video.

    Quite frankly my Scottie’s onl ever done that to other dogs not a human.

    The conventional wisdom is that Barney doesn’t want to leave the White House for Texas.

  4. Tail down, ears back means LEAVE ME ALONE. Who was handling poor Barney from the other end of the leash and why did they put him in that position? Someone needs thwacked with a rolled up newpaper – and it’s NOT Barney!!

  5. Barney’s body language indicated he didn’t want bothered. You have to respect Scottish Terriers. They will snap or bite. That’s why I would not place a rescue Scottie with a family with young children. That reporter should grow up, and learn how and when to approach a dog. And he should stop whining.

  6. Yep, Barney did not want to be messed with you could see it in his body language. This is the 2nd incident I have heard about in the last couple of months for poor Barney involving the press. I hope they figure out what is setting him off. I agree with Duncki, his handler needs to be more careful.

  7. I agree. Poor Barney seemed really, rather unhappy – uncomfortable, tail down. Kind of how our Scot behaves in busy traffic or crowds.

    Whenever kids ask to ‘smooth’ (local parlance for ‘stroke’) my Scottie, I always ask them to stroke him on his back, and nowhere near his face.

  8. Barney’s the one who should have gone to the vet. I hope he didn’t catch anything from the press rep. Anyone who hasn’t got the sense to know that a person unknown to a dog, especially a Scottie, might get bit, belongs in the media, totally isolated from reality.

  9. Well, Barney certainly has beautiful white teeth! And I love all the jokes about him catching something from the reporter.

    Do you suppose they had WH interns brush the dogs’ teeth? I love the mental picture…”And your responsibilities will include brushing the Scotties’ teeth and refilling the cigar box on the President’s desk.” (Yes, that was a Monica Lewinsky joke.)

  10. Un scotty est un scotty ! non un toutou à sa maman !
    il sait ce qu’il veut et surtout ce qu’il ne veuet pas , bref caractère bien déterminé , qui n’obéit pas mais fait plaisir à son maîte , par conséquent si une ” gueule ” ( jeu de mot ) ne lui plait pas ! il le fait savoir ! , reste à s avoir si Barney avait quelque peu prévenu avant de passer à l’offensive ! comme tout chien qui se respecte ! notr ami journaliste à voulu sans doute passer outre ! – aussi qu’est devenu Barney , aujourd’hui il doit avoir 11 ans vit il toujours ! si oui ! formidable c’était si parti au paradis des chiens ! un beau scotty !
    j’aimais bien !

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