Did Hitler have a Scottish Terrier? Part III

A reader writes:

I came across your blog post on Hitler’s Scottie Burli. I can somewhat clear it up. He did in fact have a Scottie named Burli.

Hitler’s butler/houseman Heinz Linge talks about the dog in the German docudrama Our Hitler.

Now it’s been about 25 years since I saw it but Linge said that Hitler was far more attached to Burli than Blondi but Blondi being the “proper German symbol” was the dog the public saw.

Unfortunately, I am currently addicted to boxed sets of The Wire so won’t be watching this Hitler movie any time soon. But if any of the our dedicated readers want to do a little bit of holiday research into this theory that Scotties weren’t Aryan enough for Hitler, go right ahead and please report back.

One thought on “Did Hitler have a Scottish Terrier? Part III

  1. I have seen film in the past in a documentary of a Scottie with Hitler and Eva Braun (Blondi may have been there too). As I recall it seemed to have been referred to as her dog and I’m sure I’ve seen a photo of her with it as well. Not surprising as they were as we all know very popular at the time, but as this says probably didn’t present the ideal image for them as a non-German dog! (no Dachshund??) Burli was a good name as I remember him being very large!

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