Farewell Barney Bush: The last holiday video

Update: Here’s the YouTube version of the Barney video. Much more user friendly:

This is one of those occasions where we really, really wishe we could give the first dog’s final video a positive review. But it’s the duty of a good critic to tell it like it is. And we’re sorry to report that this last Barney Cam suffers from bad sequel syndrome.

We also need to unequivocally state that bulldog owner, Michael Phelps, needs to lose the goatee style beard. Barney and Miss Beazley, on the other hand, are groomed impeccably with perfect Scottish Terrier haircuts.

Here’s Barney’s white house site if you’re interested. And check out past Barney videos featured on the Scottish Terrier and Dog News including a farewell from videographers outside the White House.

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2 thoughts on “Farewell Barney Bush: The last holiday video

  1. Agreed…it was better when it was just all about the dogs being dogs! They still became a bit of a tradition with us! I'll miss seeing Barney & Beazely but hopefully ST&DN will keep us posted on any future appearances!

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