Happy first day of winter to all our readers

Does your Scottie dog attack the shovel too? How about winter wardrobes — does your Scottish Terrier wear a coat? If so, what kind?

4 thoughts on “Happy first day of winter to all our readers

  1. Yes! My scottie (Pippen, who was featured in a post recently for her snow frolicing!) attacks any size shovel, regardless of whether or not it is currently shoveling!

  2. Bonnie has a nice coat for when we go to the mountains in TN & NC. Since she is wheaten colored, it's a beige faux suede with faux sheepskin lining. She looks very fetching when she goes out in the cold. Her pack-mate, a malti-poo has the same coat but he wears red boots with his. The cold really bothers the 15 yr old malt-poo. I haven't tried to put boots on Bonnie yet. It might be entertaining.

  3. Pippi wears either a red cable knit sweater or a red plaid fleece coat from RC Pets. Not that she gets cold but smelly wet dog is not good in a Semi cab.

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