Man about to stab Scottie with broken wine bottle

man about to stab small dog with broken wine bottle…, originally uploaded by Jim Hedley
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6 thoughts on “Man about to stab Scottie with broken wine bottle

  1. All of your constant readers love Scotties and all of our four-footed friends. Hence, we all share agraciesmama’s concern about any animal being misstreated. Looking at the Farting Scottie video, I certainly didn’t see a Scottie that was being mistreated. Funny, yes. Cruel, absolutely not. It seemed to me that the little Scottie was getting bolder and bolder challanging the whoopie cushion as the vidoe progressed. Keep up this great blog…it is becoming a ‘must read’ for me as each day passed.
    P. S. Oh, by the way, we presently have three Scoitties and the breed has enriched our lives over the past 25 years.

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