OK, we’ll bite. We love a good NY Post story

Here’s the trashy tabloid link and here’s our high-minded, in-depth coverage of the event in question.

2 thoughts on “OK, we’ll bite. We love a good NY Post story

  1. I saw the video to this! I am of the opinion that the reporter deserved what he got, as Barney was obviously not interested in visitors that particular day, especially visitors that lunge at your face. I’d have bitten him too 🙂

  2. Scotties are not Golden Retrievers. You can’t pull their ears, ride them, pull their tails or poke your hands at their faces. So sick of this story. Most adults in my neck of the woods have enough sense to ask “May I pet your dog.” I swear, this reporter was a major league wuss. I’ve had paper cuts worse than that!

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