Railing against an Oshkosh pitbull ban

A famously naughty Scottie gets dragged into the fray:

Think about the most famous dog bite incident this year–as “Barney the First Dog” turned on a reporter at the White House and bit him. Barney is not a “pit bull”, he’s a Scottish Terrier. Do you see Congress working on special “scotty” legislation for Washington DC? If the city of Oshkosh is serious about preventing dog bites and attacks it would cover all breeds in its proposed ordinance.

3 thoughts on “Railing against an Oshkosh pitbull ban

  1. Well, it is always the law abiding citizens who are punished for the evil done by those who don’t obey the law. Right now I’m that situation. Another off leash dog attacked my on leash Scottie, so that dog’s owner is trying to make me get rid of my Scottie because he defended himself.

    Thanks for the link. I’m glad most of my days are behind me. Living in a world without Scottish Terriers has no interest to me.

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