Can a Scottish Terrier be best friends with a cat?

For nine years we had a horrible cat named Fonzie who was given to us under false pretenses. Even though I am a cat lover, I could find nothing to love about this cat other than the fact that in the almost-decade he spent at our house, he caught two mice. Fonzie also bullied Bridget the Scottie dog mercilessly even though she desperately wanted to make friends with him. And his taunting sessions almost always ended in ear-splitting yapping.
Unlike, the cats and dogs in my past who had always learned to get along — eventually — with Fonzie and Bridget, the situation went from bad to worse over the two years they lived together.

Last summer I was finally lucky enough to find a good home for Fonzie in the country. I waved farewell and have barely looked back since.

When we took over our new house, the owner’s two cats stayed on temporarily, but they too could not conceal their contempt for Bridget and drove her bonkers so it with complete awe that I watch this video of a sweet quiet Scottish Terrier named Kelly and her cat BFF, Smokey. (After 75 seconds, it’s Smokey solo)

Not mention this video filled with more cats and dogs who are best friends forever.

Where oh where did we go wrong? Will Bridget ever be able to befriend a cat?

For more Scottish Terrier and Scottie Dog videos, click on the video label directly below.

7 thoughts on “Can a Scottish Terrier be best friends with a cat?

  1. Yes, a Scottie can be best friends with a cat. I have 2 Scotties and 2 cats. My eldest cat who is Burmese is 17 years old, and my other cat 4 years old. My Burmese boy has outlived 2 other Scotties and now lives with 2 youngsters. They all cuddle up and sleep together and all is harmony in our household.

  2. My cat, Amadila, was with me before my Scottie Abby. At first he ran and hid from the ball of black fur, but in time he saw her as a friend and now will groom her and pounce her to play. When she heard the neighborhood bully cat in the yard, Abby was ready to tear him up so he could not hurt her brother.

  3. Your situations are what I had hoped would happen with Fonzie. In my dreams, I also hoped his personality would improve as a result of his new Canadian companion.

    But it just didn’t work out that way.

    I blame the cat in our case.

  4. I really enjoyed the second video. Our Boxer/Lab, Holly, was the perfect “mom” to our 2 black kittens when we brought them home. It was wonderful to see her taking care of them.
    Duncan more or less ignores the 3 cats in our house….and if they try to get affectionate, etc. he seems nervous, like he’s not sure what he should do. Brie, on the other hand, “mothers” the cats. They clean each other, etc.
    I have a feeling it was definitely the cat in your case and not Briget at all.
    By the way….are you familiar with the new Scottie Website to join? LOTS of photos, discussion groups, etc. It’s called Scotty Friends but I don’t have the URL off-hand, maybe you could google it if you’re interested.
    And a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to both you and Bridget.

  5. Cecile, it was really the cat who didn’t want to be friends with Bridget.

    Pity, because it would have been good for him, but what can you do.

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