Canada has shelter labradoodle pup for Obama

The president of the Winnipeg Humane Society recently wrote to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to tell him he has a rescued Labradoodle puppy available to give to President Obama and his family. Obama said recently that he has narrowed the dog choice down to two breeds, Labradoodle and Portuguese Water Dog and that he would prefer to get a shelter dog.

While sceptics have argued that those breeds show up at the pound only rarely, the Winnipeg Humane Society rescued 55 dogs, including a pregnant Labradoodle, in a December bust of a Manitoba puppy mill. Within days, the black and white Labradoodle named Lily gave birth to seven black and four blond pups.

According to Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, when Humane Society president Bill McDonald heard Obama’s comments about preferred dog breeds, he felt the stars aligning.

“It really just started to click for me,” he told the newspaper. “And when it was announced that his first state visit would be to Canada, I thought why not offer a Labradoodle as a gift?”

To make his point, Mr. McDonald wrote a letter last week outlining the proposition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Within 24 hours, he got a reply saying that his letter had been passed on to Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon.

“My sense is that there is now some policy wonk looking the matter, and checking to see if a live animal gift would be appropriate,” Mr. McDonald said.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News, however, sees a few obstacles. First off, the puppy is called Blackie, which may not be suitable. And second, he is a serious chewer and we wouldn’t want a “Blame Canada” situation if he eats up some of Michelle’s fancy Jimmy Choo shoes or, worse yet, shreds the code for that special phone.

This is the kind of situation that could easily go either way, endearing or alienating Canada forever to the Obamas depending on Blackie’s character. Paging John Grogan.

If this is the dog and not just one of the pups in the litter, it sure doesn’t explain why he’s called Blackie.

Notice to new readers: The Scottish Terrier and Dog News is renowned for its coverage of presidents and their dogs. Along with the Obama puppy, it has also given you the latest news on ex-French president Jacques Chirac heading to hospital after getting bitten by his own Maltese lapdog, a complete archive on George and Barney Bush, the scoop on Vladimir Putin’s secret poodle, Pervez Musharraf’s hidden Pekes, Eliot Spitzer’s wheaten terrier and Bichon Frise, Jackie Kennedy’s Scottie and much more.

6 thoughts on “Canada has shelter labradoodle pup for Obama

  1. They have to get him if only to film the “Dog Whisperer – White House edition”.

    “Mr. President, you are calm, assertive pack leader of the free world. Now you must be calm assertive pack leader of Blackie!”

  2. Which would be worse: “Blackie” or “Whitey”? Just imagine the publicity the first time someone finds diddles on the floor and of course they blame it on…?

  3. The Portuguese Water Dog are wonderful pets, their curly hairs are so handsome and they are good for allergic people. A good choice for the Obama family, now some questions remain: male or female, how will they call it?

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