Coraline Trailer: Watch for the Scottie dog

The movie opens in February. Feel free to discuss dog movies, this year’s Oscar nominations, and anything else movie related in the comments.

Update: You can read more about the Coraline Scottish Terriers by clicking the Coraline tag below.

6 thoughts on “Coraline Trailer: Watch for the Scottie dog

  1. There are also Scotties mentioned in the “Biggest Smallest Movie” featurette on Coraline’s Official YouTube Page. Each dog was made individually by hand!

  2. I have to pat myself on the back, but I hipped Scottie News to Coraline.

    The scene with the Scotties in the theatre is new to me, but I saw a hilarious, tiny bit in one of the “making of” films at with a shelf full of dearly departed, taxidermically stuffed Scotties – with little haloes, harps and plaques! Blink and you’ll miss it…

  3. Just saw a pre-screen of Coraline… very cool movie.

    * Miss Forcible and Miss Spink – A pair of retired actresses who live in the flat next door to Coraline and own several scottie dogs. In the other world they are young, pretty and perform unendingly in front of the scottie dogs, who, in the other world, behave like humans.

    * The are 248 Scottie Dogs in the audience with Coraline and Wybie watching the stage performance.


  4. I saw Coraline last night and the movie was brilliant. But as a lifelong Scottie owner, the Scotties were the highlight for me. I had no idea before I saw the show. It’s a dark, but still enchanting movie, made all the better for me because there are so many pivotal scenes with my beloved Scotts. Just reaffirms my belief, that Scottish Terriers are the best dogs ever!!! And what do you mean act like humans? You mean they AREN’T really little humans in dog costumes? You’ll have to tell my dog that!

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