Down under, Scottie and Westie celebrate Xmas

Why let a puddle get in the way of your game of fetch? This is Clara the Scottish Terrier with Molly the West Highland Terrier on Christmas Day in Australia. Wonder if they threw a turkey on the barby afterwards.

3 thoughts on “Down under, Scottie and Westie celebrate Xmas

  1. When I was down there in the 70s, turkey was expensive, rare, and not all that great.

    The one Xmas I spent down there, we swam and had grilled sausages and pavlova for dessert. I sure could have gotten used to that!

    What a lovely pair those two are!

  2. The Xmas I spent in Australia, I was stuck in the middle of the rain forest on a very soggy mattress being bitten to death. I would have killed for some Pavlova.

    Oh, the memories.

  3. Nope, there’s never any turkey at our Christmas! We always have ham. (Not that I am proposing to speak for the whole country here, I’m just letting you know what we ate for Christmas!)
    P.S. My dogs 🙂

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