Angus and the Cat by Marjorie Flack: Recommended

Why not read Marjorie Flack’s classic Angus and the Cat. It’s a great Scottish Terrier book for both children and dog lovers.

3 thoughts on “Angus and the Cat by Marjorie Flack: Recommended

  1. The Angus books were a favorite of my daughter (now 6) when she was younger. Our boyo, Jock looks & acts almost identically to Angus. I loved to read her the stories at bedtime and point out things that Jock would do like going out of the yard! As she started to learn to read, they were some of the first ones she tried.

  2. The first thing I bought after I got my brand new Scottie puppy last year was two sets of the Angus books- one for the nieces and nephews who would visit me and my adorable new puppy and one for a framing project.

    I remembered the books as a kid- but looking at the illustrations and living with a Scottie- the artwork is really special and captures so many Scotty behaviors- it gave me a whole new appreciation for the books.

    I also love some of the lines- like ‘that’s how Scotties grow’- obviously there really was an Angus.

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