Interesting discussion of pet insurance

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity reports:

I entered in a quote for a two and a half year old Scottish Terrier and the comprehensive plan, with a $14k annual benefit allowance, cost $20.92 a month ($251/yr). The standard plan, with a $9k benefit allowance, was $11.33 a month ($136/yr). How does $251 a year stack up against the typical procedures a two and a half year old dog will face? I don’t know. I imagine though that, given it’s insurance, $251 is probably a bit above average (that’s how insurance companies work!).

If you’re considering pet insurance, read the comments. They’re lots of good ones.

4 thoughts on “Interesting discussion of pet insurance

  1. Gosh….I hope our vet bills get as low as $251. We had 1 Saturday emergency and 1 after hours emergency during the week and racke dup over $1200. in 1 month!
    Scotties will eat anything. Sticks, lizzards, yucky stuff.

  2. $251 a year sounds like a bargain if the deductibles are low. It is not difficult at all to spend $250 a visit Mandy ate something, we never did find out what it was, that was $400 by the time they got her stabilized. She got bit in the face by a Pit Bull, after 24 hrs in ICU, that was $700. Lots of things can happen to an inquisitive Scotty, that have no relationship to age.

  3. I have 2 scotty girls, they are 7 years old and from the same litter. I am thnakful I got insurance when they were pups. Our Bailey has had both hind knees repaired (ACL type surgeries) and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the toe on her front paw this summer. That bill alone was close to $3,000. For me, it has been well worth it. *Update, she recently had her recheck at Purdue and there is no sign that it has metastasized.

  4. I have vet health insurance on all my pets…it's well worth the money! All it takes is one emergency and you're thanking the stars that you had it. I recently switched to the AKC plan after finding out that VPI supports PeTA and HSUS (bad news!).

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