Never pick up dog poop again (or maybe not)

This is one of those cases where the solution seems to be worse than the problem. And talk about undignified…

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13 thoughts on “Never pick up dog poop again (or maybe not)

  1. OH MY HEAVENS! You notice that’s a nice TALL dog. You put one of those gizmos on Miss Bonnie and she’d go ballistic just having it strapped on…much less USE it. I bet she’d not poop for a year to avoid the thing, if you could keep it on. Being so close to the ground, it would drag or bump and it just wouldn’t be a pretty event. She’d be flinging her rear around and everything attached would be flinging about too. I’d rather scoop.

  2. I have to agree with ScrapsofMe, Piper would just go into orbit, and she would never forgive me for putting her through something so humiliating. It’s the inverted plastic bag for me.

  3. First of all the dog looks absoultey fine weight-wise.
    That contraption is just wrong in so many ways. That poor dog. If you have that much of a problem scooping poop you have no business having a dog. How would that guy like to have that attached to him?

  4. Tell you what… I’ll be carrying my little black bags. That just looks WRONG! Besides.. my Casey would NEVER allow that. Creative – yes I’ll give them that….

  5. lol, I think that is about the stupidest and strangest dog-poop solution I have ever seen. Is it supposed to be serious??

    I love the birds singing and the music… so light and natural sounding.

    I wish they showed us how he got that contraption on the poor dog… and what looks like when the dog rolls over.

    nice video.

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