Norfolk Terrier folk offer up stripping advice

Here’s some excellent advice on hand stripping terriers, complete with lots of photos, from the Norfolk Terrier Club in the UK.

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Norfolks — or is that Norwich Terriers? I can never get them straight.

I should know that the Norfolks, like the terrier you’ll see if you follow the link above and the handsome fellow below, let their ears down.

Norfolk Terrier. Norfolk vs. Norwich
Norfolk Terrier, originally uploaded by greypoint.

In contrast, the Norwich Terriers have their ears up. The easy way to remember is W=up, F=down. Unfortunately I always end up asking, “Is it really W up? Or is it reverse alphabetical correlation?”

Whatever?! These two Norwich Terriers are to die for. And I want one.

Two Norwich Terriers. Norfolk vs. Norwich Terrier
Sister’s Terrier Style, originally uploaded by mummyto4ms.

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