Poor Barney Bush, everyone’s dumping on him

Just two days to go until Barney the Scottish Terrier leaves the White House and the dirt just keeps getting dished. If it’s not the dinner guest revealing that Barney the first dog farts under the table, it’s the “loyal” aide declaring that the first Scottish Terrier might not deserve his master’s unconditional love.

Really guys, buck up. If you wouldn’t say it to the President’s face, then, keep it to yourself — even now that everyone’s on their way back to Texas. And that goes for you too, Scottie-dissing Karl Rove.

2 thoughts on “Poor Barney Bush, everyone’s dumping on him

  1. Hmmm, interesting point.

    According to the “he who smelt it, dealt it” theory, the farter could even be Smitty, author of the article in question.

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