Scottie puppies land modeling gig despite legs

You can’t be a human super model with short femurs, but if you’re a leg-challenged Scottish Terrier with modeling ambitions, there’s hope for you yet. These Shady Nook Scottish Terrier puppies posed for the Best & Co catalogue in the cashmere baby layette section, no less. Clearly it was their talent and ability to all stick their tongues out at once that got them the job. Except for the one dog with his backside to the camera. Wonder if he’ll be hired again.

4 thoughts on “Scottie puppies land modeling gig despite legs

  1. Thank you Scottie News for the artical about our scotties. We are very proud that Best and Co. picked Shady Nook Scottie Farm to come to visit us on our farm here in Southern Indiana. We had a BLAST, and the pups were picture perfect.
    Sindee Hart, owner of Shady Nook Scottie Farm:

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