Scottish Terrier prefers front deck to back garden

According to his owner, “Six-year-old Jack just loves lying, or sitting on our front deck. There is just so much to see with people and traffic passing by all day, what self-respecting Scottish Terrier would want to spend time in the back garden??”

Interesting. Before we moved last fall, we lived on the upper storey of a duplex and Bridget spent a lot of time on the front balcony, observing the street and barking at any dog who dared to trespass on our front lawn. When we moved into a house with a back yard, she didn’t know what to do with herself and seemed to really miss the balcony.

That’s changed, however, since she discovered that several raccoons regularly enter the yard when darkness falls. Now, she will sit in the garden for hours, patiently waiting the arrival of the racoons atop the shed or walking along the fence.
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I’ve tried to convince Bridget to sit on the front window sill to watch the street but no go. I think she’d need a stair device in order to feel comfortable about getting up there on her own. She doesn’t seem to want to hop over from the back of the couch and she doesn’t like it when I place her there.

I still think she’d like it once she got used to it, however, as, the raccoons have also been spotted in the tree out front. And our window sill is a lot bigger than this one, which Angus seems to use as a squirrel lookout.

7 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier prefers front deck to back garden

  1. Our boys, Artie and Simon BOTH love to hop up on the arms of a club chair that we’ve pushed up against the 3rd-story window. They spend the better part of the day up there, staring out the window.

    In summer, they head to the front porch and stare off the back porch balcony off in the same direction.

    We really NEED to get rid of that chair, but I need to find a replacement perch for them first!!

  2. Both my Scotties (one past, one present) have always loved sitting and view their domain! Inside, outside, chair, porch, so long as there is a vista to supervise!

  3. Scotties are the ULTIMATE watch dogs! They’re fearless, sound like a large dog (when they want to) and will fit in the kitchen sink…what more could a person ask for?

  4. Bridget is fearless — apart from buses and trucks on the street — and she does indeed have a big bark, but she welcomes all humans into the house.

    I’m not are what she’s like when we’re not there or if some sixth sense would kick in if something were amiss.

  5. Hamish & Ula (6.5 yr littermates) have always preferred either the back or the arm of the couch in the front windows, depending on how I have the furniture arranged. Hame used to love sleeping in the window, in the sun, balanced between the back of the couch and the window sill like a cat. Now they have a leather chair they use to keep tabs on the neighborhood. It is their favorite spot, second only to my bed, which is upstairs, and actually has a better view.

  6. I had my couch up against my front bay window so that my Scottie (Kramer) could jump up and over the back of the couch to sit or sleep in the window. He loved that spot and spent a lot of the day there. He’s been gone a year now; I still miss him so much.

  7. Our Holly will sit and look out the front door for hours at a time. She watches the traffic and the pedestrians as they go by. It is funny but she barks at everyone but the priests that live across the street. I guess I should say we live across the street from a Catholic school and church. For some reason she likes the priests, perhaps it is the black robes. At other times she sits on the back porch and watches the woods behind the house. If she sees a rabbit or squirel she will run back and forth and bark like crazy. I often wonder what she is looking for out there. She must see something out there that I can not. it does not matter the time of day or night she watches the yard and the woods.

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