A tale of two rescue Scottish Terriers

Get your handkerchiefs ready and then go read the complete rescue stories of Scottie Dogs, Duncan and Duffy, at Colonsay Kennels in Tennessee:

In July of 1999, the call came in that a shelter in northern Alabama had rescued a Scottie out of a back yard, and that he was in pretty rough shape. I called a friend who lived near-by and she went to get him out. The volunteer vet at the shelter said that he was in such bad shape, we should just put him to sleep. My friend said she still saw that Scottie spark in his eyes so I asked her to take him to her vet and do a Heartworm test. If the test was positive, we would help him to the bridge because in that condition, he could not stand the treatment. Fortunately, the HW test was negative. So she drove him straight to me in Nashville (where we were living then). When she pulled his emaciated little body out of the crate I cried. This dog weighed 11 pounds, his paper thin skin was hanging under his belly, He had very little hair, both his ears were split, probably from fighting. We named him MacDuff, but his friends just called him Duffy. His teeth were worn down to nubs. (My vet later told me that starving dogs chew on rocks and dirt to try to find some sustenance and in doing this, he had worn his teeth down to nearly nothing. When she sat him out of the crate, he could barely walk, kept his head down, but when I looked in those eyes, I knew we had to try to save him. He was covered with fleas, which had so depleted his body that his blood count was dangerously low. With some IV fluids, high-energy supplements, hand feeding, and lots of TLC, things started to turn around. By day three, he wagged his tail, and within a couple of weeks, we heard him bark for the first time. That was a day we celebrated, because when a Scottie feels like voicing an opinion, we knew he is on the way to recovery. 

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2 thoughts on “A tale of two rescue Scottish Terriers

  1. My wife & I have worked as a foster home for the Upstate New York Scottie Rescue coordinator and have had quite a few Scotties come through our home(even had a couple stay…) What a terrific second chance for this poor boyo! Jock & Isabel *who is a puppy mill rescue* are so happy that Duffy found such a loving home. I'm sure that our Phoebe was part of the welcoming party when he crossed the bridge.

  2. I cannot understand how someone could mistreat a helpless dog. I am so glad he was rescued.

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