This is no way to treat a Scottish Terrier

While we would not come out against a stylish sweater or coat, we are adamantly opposed to hoods and shorts for Scottish Terriers.

7 thoughts on “This is no way to treat a Scottish Terrier

  1. do u have permission to use this video? it looks like it was pulled from youtube….. i happen to know the poster. if u haven’t contacted him/her, then i suggest u take it down immediately.

  2. Ignore the 2nd comment. I’m fine that my video is in this blog. My dog is a laid back Scottie, once he gets use to something. Just for the record, I would never dress my dog up. It’s my siblings that would.

  3. I think it’s very cute and funny. The dog doesn’t seem the least bit stressed by it. However, even dogs deserve dignity. And we wonder why some dogs bite their owners? (No, it’s cute. Very adorable pup.)

  4. My scottie wears whatever I put on him… which is only a bright yellow raincoat (when it is raining) and his VizVest for our nightly walks. The VizVest is the best thing I ever bought. As anyone who owns a black scottie knows, they are virtually invisible at night. With the vests on, both of my boys are visible to cars, people, etc.

  5. Yes, this dog does seem perfectly fine in his hoodie and shorts.

    It is, however, rather undignified IMO, but then I’m not big on hoodies and baggy shorts on humans either.

    Bridget doesn’t wear coats although a rain jacket would come in handy. At night, she wears a reflective collar although right now, we can se her what with all the snow.

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