What a bitch! And we’re not talking about the dog

Video featuring Mari Claire the wheaten Scottish Terrier and Paddington the cat:

And speaking of cats, you might want to check out this classic example of web niche media, the Cats in Sinks site.

10 thoughts on “What a bitch! And we’re not talking about the dog

  1. What a beautiful Scottie girl! So true to the breed (diehard). I’ve never seen a tail groomed like that before but I like it.

  2. That’s so cute. I love the interaction between a dog and cat. I hope that cat didn’t have claws though! I agree, I think Mr./Ms. Kitty Kat loves his K-9 pal.
    Yes, the plume tail is different but still attractive.

  3. I’m having a problem, and I hope somebody can help. We’ve had two Scotties before (now in Scottie heaven) and also have had cats. They have co-existed, if not become friends.

    After our late great Oonagh died, we got two puppies from a breeder — a boy and girl. They are not from the same parents and are a month apart in age.

    As soon as our cat Abigail saw the puppies, she freaked out, even though she’d slept inches apart from Oonagh on our bed. The two puppies (who are almost a year old now) chase her and bark. It’s ended up that we have two households — the cat has the upstairs and the dogs, the downstairs. We’ve tried various strategies to make peace, but to no avail. Maybe because we got two puppies at once, they are less likely to view the cat as a companion? Anyway, any helpful hints would be welcome.

  4. I’m amazed that my posts came through. I know you were asking a while ago about how to make your site more popular, but I didn’t find signing up to be easy, as compared to other blogs (see CuteOverload).

  5. Oh dear, I’m not the person to ask for advice about this as my experience with cats and Scotties was not at all a good one. Bridget would never have remained as calm as this girl under the circumstances in the video. She would have been barking a high-pitched yap. The cat would have fled and there would have been a high speed chase ending with more ear splitting yapping.

    Maybe someone else will have some advice. Or maybe this is a case for Cesar Millan. Has he ever done a cat and dog show?

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