You got some snow in your beard, Scottie dog

3 thoughts on “You got some snow in your beard, Scottie dog

  1. Snow is a curse for the Scotty… my Angus gets so full of snowballs, I have to put him in a warm bath everynight to get them off. I’m not sure why, but snow doesn’t attach itself to Ozzie (my Westie) that way it does to Angus. Different types of hair/fur maybe? Anyway, it doesn’t bother Angus as much as it does me!

  2. Bridget sometimes get huge snowballs but they don’t seem to bother her and we have hardwood floors so it’s not a real problem.

    The other day, though, she had been inside for quite a while when I discovered a big snowball still attached.

    Here’s video of a Scottie with a major case of snowballs.

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