Animating Scottish Terriers for Coraline movie

Following up on our last post on Coraline, here’s a close-up on the Scottie dogs in the movie audience. Sounds like it’s almost as difficult to get animated Scotties do what you want as it with the live ones.

For one of the film’s centerpieces, a surreal and burlesque trapeze act, (Teresa) Drilling animated some 200 Scottie dogs who watched from the audience. Drilling manipulated each dog’s reaction, tracking their individual responses as they barked out applause.

“Mostly you just keep it in your head,” she says, “like three-dimensional chess.”

Click on the photo to see the Scotties clearly.

6 thoughts on “Animating Scottish Terriers for Coraline movie

  1. We just saw the movie tonight. We were tickled at how they nailed not only the breed but the breed owners and how eccentric we can be. Great movie and the Scotts were a big bonus. Coraline is a visual stunner!

  2. Just saw the movie and loved the Scotty Dogs and their owners! Animation was so well done! And the dogs were so adorable. There needs to be merchandising! Loved the dog’s knitted angel sweater.

  3. I loved the movie Coraline- so much that I just returned from seeing for the second time! I loved all the Scotties- weren’t the bat Scotties something else?

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