Elphaba the Scottish Terrier’s still in Kansas

Well, Kansas City, that is. Her owner writes:

Ann – Thanks so much for your blog. Being a Scottie-fanatic I go to your blog every morning after I get back from the gym. Here is a photo of my girl Elphaba. She is named after one of the witches in the book (and musical) Wicked. She is the poster child for our local groomer. Keep it up… Hugs.

Elphaba rocks and totally deserves the modelling gig. And since we all love Dorothy and that Kansas line, here she is:

2 thoughts on “Elphaba the Scottish Terrier’s still in Kansas

  1. Thanks for posting the info on my girl and her new career…. not to put a too fine point on the old witches hat, but it’s Kansas City (Missouri)… but Kansas is close enough.

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