Friday Scottish Terrier Quiz Question

Can you identify the geographic region below that looks like a Scottish Terrier?

We have a winner in the comments. Meanwhile, John writes: “Check out Ray’s Weather and take a look at Avery County, NC. That’s where my cabin/mountain/hiking pictures are mostly taken. You tell me… is this not perfect for Scottie pics?”

4 thoughts on “Friday Scottish Terrier Quiz Question

  1. Wow I’m excited to have found a blog about Scotties! I have an 11 month old Scottie named Lulu. I also never knew there is a statue of Fala in Washington D.C. We’ll have to check that out sometime!

  2. In Georgia, Dawson county is Scottie shaped. In fact a Scottie-like outline of the county is the coounty’s symbol. As a Scottie owner we love living in a Scottie county!

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