California Scottish Terrier returns after 4-years away

The Times-Herald, a Bay Area newspaper, reports:

The Lucases say they believe Lady was stolen from their yard, that someone called out to her from a car and she just ambled over. The dog, besides having a microchip implanted under her skin, was also wearing a name tag with her owners’ home address. If someone had come across Lady by accident, there were plenty of ways she could have been returned, they said.

“The thing that upset me the most was to really believe somebody took her,” Connie Lucas said. “People don’t understand that when you have (a dog), they become part of the family.”

Now, Lady is home, freshly groomed and in the company of the couple’s two other Scottish terriers, Buddy and Mac, one of which was purchased to replace the missing Lady.

What happy news after such a long time!

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