Is Lola a Bushland Terrier aka Cairn Scottie mix?

A reader writes:

I just came across your post about Lorna Doone the Bushland Terrier. I already sent pictures to her owner, but you said you’d like to see them too, so here goes…
I have just recently realized that my dog Lola is almost certainly a Bushland. She’d been picked up as a stray before I adopted her from a shelter at about 3 years of age, so any clues as to her parentage were long gone. I wavered between Scottie mix and Cairn mix until I came across some poor-quality pictures of Bushlands on dogbreedinfo and realized, Duh! She could be both! The much better pictures of Lorna only serve to confirm my suspicions–the only major difference between them that I can see is that Lorna’s legs look a bit shorter than Lola’s in the picture where she’s pawing at the fish tank. The big round eyes are exactly the same, though I must say I think Lola got more of the Scottie ears!

Thanks for letting me share–as you can see, I’m a bit gaga over her.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News agrees that Lola looks like she’s a good part Scottie, but we think she’s too leggy to be only Scottie and Cairn. Also, we’re not entirely sure about those eyes, which don’t look totally terrierish to us.

What does everyone else think?

9 thoughts on “Is Lola a Bushland Terrier aka Cairn Scottie mix?

  1. I love her looks! What a little cutie pie! That sideways glance she gives is pure Scotty!

    Friends of ours have a Scotty with non-AKC approved beautiful light brown eyes like Lola’s, but despite that I think there was another party in the mix that became this adorable little dog. That and the long legs lead me to suspect a different breed – not sure what though!

  2. Someone in my neighborhood has an Avon Terrier that looks a lot like Lola. She basically looks like a scottie with long legs and is more grey in color. Apparently Avon terriers are a cross between a westie, mini schnauzer, and cairn terrier, so maybe there is some schnauzer in there giving her the longer legs!

  3. Hi gand and Doone, I also recentl found imformation regarding the “Hybryd” recognized breed “The Bushland Terrier a 50/50 mix of the Scottish Terrier and Cairn Terrier. As I also adopted mine “Tin Tin” the Animal Shelter listed him as a Cairn terrier knowing he is smaller and seeing posts like this I will try to post pictures of him you will be amazed the resemlance even the color markings.

  4. I have a Avon Terrier and your Lola looks just like my Zazu! The eyes, the ears the "look" when I put clothes on Zaz is the same. Do a google search and you will see her lineage. Great dogs tho Zaz has a strong stubborn streak even for a terrier.

  5. My dog chin looks exactly like that dog. The vet doesn’t know what she is.. wen you get an answer let me know cause he is leggy. He also has cropped ears.

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