Max stars in Christian Scottish Terrier book

Earlier this month, we reported on a naughty Swedish pinup Scottie site. Well, today we bring news of Max, a Georgian Scottish Terrier who provided the inspiration for the main canine character in a special biblical tale, The Ark, the Reed and the Fire Cloud. The plot is complicated, as this review at attests:

Max is a Scottish terrier who lives a quiet and peaceful life in the glen, but one day he hears the voice of the Maker speaking through a mysterious humming of the reeds telling him to follow the fire cloud. On the way, he meets Al, an Irish cat, and Kate, a West Highland terrier from another part of Scotland, both of whom have also heard the voice of the Maker. After they cross the English Channel, they meet up with Liz, a French cat, and several other animals who are following the fire cloud too, while animals from all over the world have been called as well. The fire cloud leads every one of them to a place in the Middle East where a man named Noah is building a big boat.

Is it just me or does this sound like something Oprah could get into? Can’t you just picture Max jumping on the couch?

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  1. ‘Tis a gr-r-rand thing that ye posted a note aboot me book. I r-r-really love yer site an’ will make it one of me favorite blogs. Hope ye enjoy The Ark, The Reed, and The Fire Cloud.


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