The mystery of the Tom Cruise ads

A reader writes:


What’s with the Scientology and Tom Cruise video stuff in the middle of Scottie info?

Are you actively recruiting for them, or has your site been invaded?

Seems really weird.

Wayne Gibb

Well, Wayne, neither. I don’t have complete control over the ads here although I can block ones I find distasteful. Long story short, Tom’s not my taste and I’m no scientologist, but he is a pretty face and, as you know from all those Scotties, I’m pro pretty. Interestingly enough, I did tip off Gawker about this Cruise campaign on non-celeb blogs, but they ignored me. It certainly looks like a PR offensive designed to reach out to the masses.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Looks like Tom Cruise’s Google ad campaigns have been going on for some time.