Sadie the Scottie potties at Westminster

That “accident” put an end to her chances but we’re not complaining. We’re happy that the elderly gentleman, Stump the 10-year-old Sussex Spaniel, won. He’s officially known as Ch Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee.

Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot is still a young thing with many shows ahead of her, but she’s going to have to learn to do her business outside or they’ll never let her in those fancy Musser family homes. Oy vey!

Update: Catch the Scottish Terrier peepee incident here starting at 18:35. (It’s a countdown so it’s not far into the tape, during the introductions, in fact.) Sorry folks, it looks like the Westminster site has replaced the video with something else more recent.

Update: It seems the occasional mistimed peepee is not enough to end a show dog’s career. Last year’s Westminster champ Uno has apparently been know to pee on reporters.

16 thoughts on “Sadie the Scottie potties at Westminster

  1. As soon as she peed, I knew it was over for her. But you can’t really blame her, you have to blame the handler. From the amount that came out of her bladder, it looked like she hadn’t been outside for at least a couple of hours.

    You would think that a potty break would be mandatory before entering the ring!

  2. I agree with Jessica… that is EXACTLY what I was thinking! Why wasn’t she “pottied” before going in? Also, what was the deal with the two dogs that were “disqualified” (don’t know if that is the right term) because of a “conflict” with the Judge? I have never seen that before; and I think it is unfair to the owners and/or handlers of the dogs.

  3. That poor baby girl, someone screwed up in not working extra hard to see to her needs. Who knows what it is like behind the scenes … they may keep em qued up way too long on the floor waiting for the next big thing.

    At least she will not be forgotten. I loved Stump though, and he was on my short list along with the Puli.

  4. Just a fact check on Sadie’s age, if her birthday is April 2, 2005 that would make her 3 and 10 months at the time of her win. Not 2 as is stated in the interview with her handler.
    We missed the potty incident herein Dallas as the big storm blew through knocking out TV reception just as the line up was to begin for BIS.

  5. I felt bad for poor Sadie, she just couldn’t hold it any longer! You can’t really blame her, they should have made sure that she had a chance to go before she entered the ring.

    Although, I had to laugh because it is totally something my Scottie would do. I actually joked with my husband earlier in the night that if she was as show dog, she would most definitly pee on the rug. It seems like a very scottie thing to do, and I mean that is the most affectionate way!

  6. Poor Sadie – It was her moment! I agree with others, no doubt a protest at being kept cooped up/waiting! When it happened we said well, that’s done it for her now! Actually I seem to remember once seeing a montage of various dogs doing their business in the ring, so they have seen worse! If it couldn’t be her, Good for old Stump though! I think the sitting up on his bottom may have been the deciding factor there!

    And yeah, what was with throwing the Airedale out, I wondered?! Get a new judge, not disqualify the dog! At least Sadie had a chance!

  7. Leave it to the scot to do what was needed, regardless of consequences. Clearly the handler was asleep at the switch on this one, so it’s all about the handler and not the dog’s ability. DO OVER!

  8. Agree that the handler is to blame for Sadie’s accident. Guess he couldn’t be bothered in recombing/grooming her after she did her business. But I don’t see how this should ruin any chance for her. The judge wasn’t even introduced into the ring when Sadie had her accident hence the actual judging hadn’t officially begun.

    I also think it wouldn’t have mattered if she peed or not because the judges these days seem to go with the crowd’s choice. Either AP or the NYT’s quoted the judge as having made her choice at the last second. I honestly think she would have chosen the Giant Schnauzer, but decided to go with the crowd’s choice…the Sussex. Better PR coverage for Westminster.

  9. Anonymous No. 4 is right of course – we said well that's jinxed her but we hoped it wasn't true! I doubt a judge would count that against a dog even if she had seen, it reflects more on the handler. Having said that, my Scots can 'forget' their normal potty behavior in strange settings & claim they don't have to go until, oops they just had to go!

  10. I thought maybe she was just so excited at all of the applause. I’m sorry to say it made me laugh pretty hard; I didn’t realize that she’d be disqualified. I say blame it on the handler! She was a doll!

  11. Awww, poor Sadie. The indignity of it all! I didn’t watch it, so thanks for the coverage here.
    I would have loved to see a Scottie win, however, I saw Stump this morning on Today and what a sweet looking guy he is! And 10 years old. A handsome doggie!

  12. Tcmum, my Scottie is the same!! I know that if he was in a competition like Westminster he’d pee just to show his annoynance of having to compete against other dogs…his perception is that the award should be given to him without any qualms.

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