Scottie Dog Zelda recovers after stray voltage hit

Poor Zelda the Scottish Terrier was zapped by stray voltage while walking down the street in Hoboken, New Jersey, according to the Hudson Reporter.

Zelda, a 7-year-old Scottish terrier, was trotting along Washington Street near 1st Street last Sunday with owner Gary Holtzman in tow when she was shocked by stray voltage on a light post.

Stories about pets being electrocuted on the street have made headlines in New York City, but no incidents of this happening in Hoboken have been reported.

Rock salt used to melt snow deteriorates wires in the bottom of the lamp posts, according to a PSE&G representative, and sometimes those wires can short-circuit, causing stray electrical voltage.

It’s not just New York. Two dogs have died here in Toronto and a child was recently shocked, prompting Ontario Hydro to finally do something about this situation. Luckily, Zelda was fine.

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