May your Scottish Terrier have a burr-free week

With their low-hanging skirts, Scottie dogs are burr magnets. Do readers have any special recommended burr-removal techniques?

We usually just resort to scissors, which sometimes make for a very unsymmetrical beard.

5 thoughts on “May your Scottish Terrier have a burr-free week

  1. sedation.

    i had a scottie that we LITERALLY had to take to the emergency vet so they could hold her down while they took out the burrs.

    Fortunately, the other four scotties i’ve been lucky enough to have seem to understand that i’m actually trying to help them.

  2. We have a huge burr problem with our Scottie. We walk her in the park and even though we never see any burrs at all while walking when we put her in the car her underside is just loaded with them. I was wondering if they still make that spray-in hair stuff for kids called “No More Tangles (or Tears)” that would be used to untangle children’s hair. I was told that worked wonders in burr removal.

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