Tartan the Scottish Terrier visits Fala memorial

A reader sends this picture of his Scottish Terrier at the FDR and Fala Memorial in Washington and writes:

I’ve attached a photo of my Scottie, Tartan, with his hero’s memorial. See how happy he was! Everyone at the FDR Memorial oohed and aahed and took pics too.

Tartan looks much better than the Bichon Frises, who were there earlier.

7 thoughts on “Tartan the Scottish Terrier visits Fala memorial

  1. My Scottie Mason idolizes Fala, especially the wild ungroomed look to the point that grooming him is a trying experience for the both of us, and getting him near a set of clippers usually means one of us needs to ‘dose’ with a few Stouts’ beforehand (that’ll be me).

  2. Does anyone know of a groomer who will make my Scottie look like Fala? Or what to ask for? I loathe the metro-sexual Winchester look. I would like my Scottie to look more natural, a "rough" Scottie, like Fala. Thank you. Dorothy

  3. Dorothy –
    You've called it right — that is actually refered to as "a Scottie in the rough" so start there. Other instructions that may be helpful:
    NO CLIPPERS – scissor or thinning shears only
    NO TOP LINE – an overall uniform length
    Some people refer to the look as a puppy cut.

    And…metro-sexual Winchester?? Wow.

  4. Who is this metrosexual Winchester?

    As for the Fala look, it's as Duncki says,just ungroomed. Do brush regularly and trim around the eyes. Also, consider a full shave for summer, not metrosexual at all.

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