Welsh heros save Scottie from Rottweiler attack

The Daily Post reports:

The owner of the collie and the terrier ended up on the floor with a dog lead wrapped around his legs as he tried to fend off the two Rottweilers, who it appeared had got out of a nearby compound. They were not on leads.

The Rottweiler owner was also desperately trying to subdue one of them.

After a frenetic struggle 37-year-old Ross and Glyn, 47, helped to get the two under control possibly saving the man, his terrier and collie from serious injury.

No details yet on how the attack victims are doing but Scottie News wishes them well.

Bridget once picked on a Rottweiler puppy at the park and drew blood. Not a smart move. He was a very nice dog and reminded me of those lovely Carl kids books.

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