West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Play time

This Scottie and Westie pair seem very well matched. They made me realize that my dog Bridget plays almost exclusively with bigger dogs. She also likes to play hall monitor and supervise everyone else’s play by following them around barking.

This “fromping” session between two absolutely adorable Norwich Terriers was recommended in the comments.

Have I mentioned that I really, really want a Norwich or Norfolk?Maybe even more than a Westie.

10 thoughts on “West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Play time

  1. Our Bonnie prefers to play in the big dog side of the dog park. We usually go into the small side first just to make sure they are no trouble makers in the big side. I swear I can hear the small dog owners sigh with relief when we go into the big side. She’s just so rough playing she bowls the little dogs over sometimes. The bigger dogs stand their ground and she likes that. Her pack mate is a maltipoo who is the same size and he just growls or snaps at her when she gets too boisterous. They are both 18 lbs but hers is all muscle packed onto a 60mph rocket frame. She loves to run and can zoom zoom for a good 30 minutes before she collapses in a heap. A quick recharge in the wading pool, a couple of laps of water and she’s off again. Zoom zoom. And that’s in the Florida heat! I wonder what she’d do where it’s nice and chilly? Can we come play with Bridgette?

  2. How cute these two puppies play! This could have been a video of my boys, except my Ozzie is waaay more vocal! Angus makes absolutely no noise and Ozzie sounds like he is demented!!

  3. Awww this is how our Teagan played with my Mother in law’s Westie… we got her a Wheaten puppy for a friend as we are stuck on Scotties and thinking that would substitute for a Westie… We soon found she can dish it but doesn’t like to take it!! She’s suddenly discovered her “dour” side!

  4. my scotties have never, but never played like this. one was sad, so we got a puppy to perk him up. occasionally they’d FRAP around the house, but didn’t play together. i had three for a while, and they each had a corner. they co-existed, but never played. now i’m down to two and they’re like ships in the night.

    i want scotties that play together!

  5. Wonder how they will get on when the scottie grows up and has teeth twice the size of the westies! My scottie only plays/fights with dogs at least three times his size as in his head he is that size! Either that or he has angry wee man syndrome….

  6. Scotties do have absolutely HUGE teeth and believe me they can use them. Twice Angus got carried away and put his teeth in Ozzie. Totally freaked me out but they are still buddies. Even after the “incidents” (as we like to call them) Ozzie wanted to play. Go figure.

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