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A reader writes:

Hi Ann,

I live in Argentina and I’m the owner of a 4 month years old scottish terrier called Alma. I use to walk 8 miles every night just for sport and I was wandering if I could take her with me or its a little too much exercise for her. Thanks in advance.


Ann replies:

Definitely too much exercise for a puppy, but you could walk her for a mile or two and then put her in a doggie carrier or something.

Another reader writes:

Hi there,

I’m a Scottie lover from Brazil…..
I have this beautiful almost-5-months old puppy that has never been groomed and I’m planning on taking him for his first grooming session, but I would like to know what is the best age to take a puppy to its first haircut?
The breeder said to wait until he’s 8 months old….but I’d really love to see him with a “Scottie face” soon…..LOL
I think you understand me…..I mean, he’s adorable, but the “grown-up look” teases me….. 🙂

Thanks for your attention,


Ann replies:

I would say between six and eight months depending on the temperament of the dog in question. I would also not do the full treatment the first time at the groomer’s. Maybe take your dog now for a wash and to trim hair getting in the eyes and nails, if necessary.

My girl Bridget usually emerges from the groomer’s quite shell shocked and she’s a calm dog overall so I would definitely recommend getting your pup gradually acclimatized to grooming.

Any readers out there who want to share their Scottish Terrier knowledge with the breed’s South American fanciers? If so, feel free to jump in.

13 thoughts on “Answers to your Scottish Terrier questions

  1. I visited my mom´s place with my scottie puppy every weekend and as I didn´t have any car then, we walked 2km there and back. She was quite ok as we did some stops to rest. In summers I used bicycle and she run next to me:). Of course I had to be careful with cats:))) but she liked running much!
    Now we moved to another place and we use car a lot and she really misses those walks! So I would recommend to start with shorter distances watch how your puppy reacts. There are some scotties who hates walkings btw :D. My 2nd one never does longer trips than up to 1-2km and it´s real pain to get her to walk with us. Usually I do short walk with both and then leave younger dog home and go for another walk with older one.

    About grooming, 8m is too late 🙂 I would say. If you start too late they don´t get used with grooming and it will be a real “pain” every time. Here the breeders gives puppies to new owners groomed already.
    I did the mistake with my older dog, she got the first grooming at 1y and she got shocked of course. She doesn´t like grooming even now! I do easier grooming at home (back, skirt) and try to keep the period btw groomings as short as possible but it is not her favourite action:).
    Younger is quite ok, she was groomed when I got her at 4m and likes much when I comb her skirt or groom her back. But if the period btw the 2 grooming sessions will be more than 3m, she may behave like a monster on the grooming table :P. So I would recommend to start ealier and visit your hairdresser at least 4-5times per year. They look nice and it´s much easier to you to do simple combing/grooming at home if the dog is groomed.

  2. When our girls were 3 months we took them for a bath and nail trimming to get them used to the groomer. Then we took them at 5 months for another bath and then at 7 for a full grooming. Breaking them in gradually really paid off for us. Although it’s not their favorite place to go, they go in willingly and seem not too stressed out when we pick them up.

    Of course I think a lot depends on the groomer. The place we go has very kind, caring people, and you can see that they love dogs. Plus, every area of the grooming shop is open so you can see how they’re treating the dogs – nothing hidden or secret, which I really like. After all, they’re our precious Scotties!

  3. My little guy is 10 months old and he has been to the groomer three times. The first time was just for a “puppy cut” then the last two times he has gotten regular scottie cuts. The groomer is at a store that he likes to go to and so far it does not seem to be too stressful for him. I have found that three months is a good length between haircuts.

  4. Our Piper had her first puppy cut just before we took her home from the breeders at 11 weeks of age. Since then she goes back for trimming every 9-12 weeks, she doesn’t really like it, but she tolerates it as long as she gets a lot of treats during it.

    Walks with other dogs (especially her terrier friends, a Cairn, 2 Scotties and a Westie) can’t be long enough, but when it’s just me then a klick is enough for her, less if it’s raining, more if it’s snowing.

  5. Both of our boys have gone to the groomer since they were 3 mos old. They don’t seem to mind and I love the way they look! I also love that they are so calm and “tired” when they get home. Of course, my groomer is my sister-in-law so I know she is treating them right. As for walks, both of the boys, LOVE to go for walks. Ozzie practically jumps into his harness and Angus wants to run not walk! They go three times a day (two short walks and one long walk). They would go out as many times as I would take them.

  6. Hello all,

    My nearly 2 year old Scottie has not yet grown a skirt on his rear belly or back legs. I’ve read this happens due to bad breeding, but I was just wondering if anyone had any more information. Of course, we love our Scruffy no matter what, but I love the way a full skirt looks.

    Thanks in advance!

  7. My male scottish terrier is almost 3 years old. He won’t stop attacking our cats and dogs outside of our home. He is a loving dog to all humans, but small dogs or cats he looks at like toys. Do you know any methods I could use to stop the attacking? I do not have the money for training right now, so I have to do it myself.

    1. Hmm, can you provide some more details? How long has he lived with the other pets? Has he always been like this? What do you mean by attack? how do the other animals respond?

      1. He has lived with one other dog for the whole 3 years. We have had 4 cats, and he is constantly trying to fight with them. If the cat didnt get away and we didnt stop him, I believe he would have killed the cat. He tries to bite them and shake them, as if it is a rodent. He has been like this since he turned one years old. The other animals are so afraid of him and they try to get away.

        He is honestly a sweetheart. The most loving dog I could ask for. This is why I am so confused, because he is on attack mode with the other animals.

  8. Hi Caitlin,

    So sorry your comment fell through the cracks. If you haven’t solved the problem, I can post it as a question for readers.

    Let me know when you have a moment.


    1. I have not solved the problem yet. I would really like it if you could post it as a question. Thank you so much!

  9. I have a 3 month old Scottie., he’s first grooming will be around 6-8 months I’m told, but should I get his nails cut before that? and how often should his nails be cut? ( I was told not to groom him any more than once every 6 months, does that apply to nails too? )

  10. I am looking at getting a Scottish Terrier and my girlfriend found two females at the pet store. They have been there since June, making them about 6 months old. Is that too old to get a Scottish Terrier?

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