Happy March 1 to all you Scottish Terrier fans

Enjoying snowstorm, originally uploaded by Algernon_the_Labrat.

Okay, we know it’s still a little early to be celebrating the end of winter, but we’re really hoping that the season’s over for abominable snow dogs like the one above.

This has to be the most severe case of Scottie snowballs ever recorded.

Update: Oh dear, it has just been brought to the attention of our editorial department that a ferocious storm has dumped heavy snow on the eastern United States. Rest assured, we Canadians feel your pain and all the Scottie snowballs. March storms are the worst.

3 thoughts on “Happy March 1 to all you Scottish Terrier fans

  1. True…but if you look at the “scottie snowballs” linked in the post there is a solution – it does create an extra step but as the author pointed out they are wet anyway… We put this tip to good use this morning in NC!! Our puppy gets very frisky in the snow so she was plastered…but not quite like that one!!

  2. I fill a basin with very warm water before we go out so that when we get back in each one of Angus’ legs get dipped and the snowballs melt right off. It’s a bit messy sometimes, but it’s better than him thawing all over the house! I am not sure why, but my Ozzie (Westie) does not get snowballs like Angus. Must be the different types of fur…

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